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Plug-In studios was established on January 1st, 2007 with the aim of offering dubbing and sound design to any production which requires top-of-the-line sound at an especially attractive price. Our international cast of French and Arabic language actors opens the door to an audio dimension which will fit your projects as well as your budget. Our studios use the latest Digidesign technologies to deliver unprecedented sound quality.

Dubbing, multimedia localization, sound design, sound effects, music and signature sound creation; whatever your needs, Plug-In has a solution for you.
Plug-in is: More than 4,000 hours of dubbing, 50 full-time employees, 1,000 m² of facilities in the heart of Casablanca and a cast of more than 200 actors. It’s also the only professional dubbing studio for projects in the Moroccan dialect (Darija), with over fifty hours dubbed each month.


In recent years Morocco has become a destination of choice for multinational corporations wishing to relocate their services. From call centers to dubbing studios, audiovisual postproduction, aeronautical maintenance, filming, computer servers, programming, etc…

Morocco offers these companies an ideal geographical position, low production costs, cutting-edge technology, a 45-hour work week and the French language read and spoken fluently by a large part of the population. Morocco is therefore a strategic choice to obtain high quality services at unbeatable prices.



Comprehensive management of the entire dubbing chain
Lip Synchronization or Voice-Over
Dedicated, responsive team
Specific management for high volumes
State-of-the-art technology and acoustics
Actors with several hundred hours of experience


Production of an international version
Research and addition of sound SFX
Sound calibration
Music placement
Post synchronization
2.0 and 5.1 Mixing
Export to the standards of each broadcaster


Video game localization
Mobile Apps
Digital Presentations
Interactive kiosks and applications


Call waiting/On-hold messaging
IVR (Interactive voice response)
Audiotel games
Telephone banking
Wide array of available languages
Copyright free music suggestions
Export in any digital format


40 Fully soundproofed recording and mixing stations
Advanced room acoustics
Gigabit Network – real-time backup – 5 fiber optic lines
Firewall and load balancing Peplink 710 router
Apple Computers
ProTools 10 DV Toolkit 2 Option– Waves Plugins
Virtual Rythmo Band
LE, HD and Mbox 3 Pro Interfaces
Focusrite and Joemeek Preamps
Neumann, Studio Project and SE Electronics microphones
Yamaha MSP5, Fostex and Pioneer monitors



YU-GI-OH! ARC V Dessins animés 49x26' Doublage lip synchro

TROLLIE Film 86' Doublage lip synchro

THE SIXTIES Documentaire 10x43' Voice over

THE CHALLENGER Film 95' Doublage lip synchro

SPIRIT RIDERS Film 88' Doublage lip synchro

SIN HIJOS Film 96' Doublage lip synchro

SIDE EFFECTS Web Série jeunesse 92' Doublage lip synchro

ROAD 47 Film 110' Doublage lip synchro

PINY Dessins animés 52x11' Doublage lip synchro

OFFICER DOWN Film 93' Doublage lip synchro

MARA – UNE FEMME UNIQUE Soap opéra 190x60' Doublage lip synchro

I SELL THE DEAD Film 81' Doublage lip synchro

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2 Film 94' Doublage lip synchro

DIRECT FLIGHT Soap opéra 26*45' Doublage lip synchro

DINOFROZ SAISON 2 Dessins animés 26x26' Doublage lip synchro

DEATH ON LIVE Film 106' Doublage lip synchro

CHLOE & THEO Film 84' Doublage lip synchro

CARNAGE PARK Film 84' Doublage lip synchro

AN AMERICAN AFFAIR Film 88' Doublage lip synchro

LE BUREAU DES LEGENDES Fiction 20x50' Post Synchronisation

COLLEGE LASALLE Serveur Vocal Téléphonique

Le tombeau perdu d’Hérode Documentaire 52' Arabe classique

KANDISHA Fiction 90' Création VI et Post Production Sonore

FUERZA DEL DESTINO Telenovela 102 x 45' Arabe dialectal marocain

MOVENPICK HOTEL Serveur Vocal Téléphonique

NAJIB MAHFOUZ Documentaire 60' Arabe classique

QUADIA Fiction 13 x 60' Création VI et Post Production Sonore

REDNECK GATORS Film 90' Doublage Lip Synchro

SAHAM ASSISTANCE Serveur Vocal Téléphonique

STORIES IN THE QURAN Animation 90 x 25' Français

KAN YA MAKAN Fiction 90' Arabe - Français

LES JARDINS DE SAMIRA Fiction 90' Création VI et Post Production Sonore


80 WAVES Documentaire 60' Français

AMOR & VENDETTA Telenovela 16 x 50' Arabe dialectal marocain

ANGELS OF WARS Fiction 4 x 50' Français

AU NOM DE L’HONNEUR Telenovela 140 x 52' Français

CASANEGRA Fiction 90' Création VI et Post Production Sonore

CITY CHASE MARRAKECH TELEREALITE 4 x 45' Arabe dialectal marocain

EARTH SONGS Documentaire 82' Français

GORMITI Animation 26 x 24' Français

TENIENTE Série télévisée 26 x 60' Français

THE EDGE Fiction 115' Français

WU DANG Fiction 98' Français

BENI AFFET (SAMHINI) Telenovela 700 x 45' Arabe dialectal marocain

PLANETE A VENDRE Documentaire 52' Arabe classique

HARLEY DAVIDSON Serveur Vocal Téléphonique


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This also applies to any request for an audition made by another means.


    Plug-in s.a.r.l. – Résidence Arsa 20. Rue 2, Ext. Attabari | Maarif Extension | 20380 Casablanca | Maroc
    ✆ +212 522 777 580 | info @ studio-plug.com | www.studio-plug.com